Stewardship Walk, Talk & Wine at Stolo Family Vineyards

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Date(s) - May 2, 2015
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Stolo Family Winery


Join Stolo Family Winery & Vineyards each month on their 23 acre vineyard up the beautiful Santa Rosa Creek Road, just minutes from the small, historic coastal town of Cambria. Each month from September through May, the Stolo Family offers a unique look at their property, its historical significance, and how they preserve their land through sustainable practices. Ten percent of all tour costs are donated to the Cambria Historical Society to preserve our California heritage. All additional preservation contributions are welcome.

Heritage Talks: Local historian, Dawn Dunlap, will guide you around the Stolo property. She’ll explore the history of Cambria, its ancestors and stories, and how the Stolo Family property fits into the web of history. Learn about the deep roots of agriculture along Santa Rosa Creek Road and get a sense for how our modern day farmers along the road preserving this rich history through education and action.

Vineyard & Winery Talks: Visitors will be guided by a family member through the vineyard or winery, depending on the time of year, and delve into the details of the farming history of the property and its surrounding area. Learn how the family continues to honor that history through their daily practices of sustainable farming, winemaking and celebration. Each month also includes a singular seasonal focus on what is happening in either the vineyard or winery at that time.

Each walk and talk will include lunch and either a glass of wine or assorted wine tasting, depending on the tour and time of year. Please notice, to promote stewardship tourism practices, these special and popular Stewardship Travel events are held September through May to avoid the busy impact of the summer tourist season. The Stolo Family is looking forward to sharing their love of the land, wine, and heritage with you!

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