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Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande Valley
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Explore the beautiful scenery and all that Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande Valley have to offer More Details
See the sights and highlights along the Highway 1 Discovery Route! Featuring 101 miles of adventure, the route stretches from the scenic coastline in Ragged Point south through the agricultural communities of Oceano and Nipomo. More Details

From Lopez Lake to Big Falls Trail, Cougar Trail and many more, Arroyo Grande has plenty of hikes worth exploring.

More Details
The Central Coast boasts some of the best beaches in the U.S., and certainly on the West Coast. Visitors can find a spectrum of options, with ideal beaches for sunbathing, beachcombing, wildlife viewing, surfing, tidepooling, doggie fun or even dune-driving. More Details
Black Lake Trail in the Arroyo Grande Valley is a 2 mile, easy to moderate hike out and back.  More Details
Cerro San Luis Obispo is the large morro looming over San Luis Obispo with the big "M."  More Details
The trail is close to 3 miles and is open to hikers, dogs and mountain bikes.  More Details
Grab some hiking shoes and water and leave everything else behind as you immerse yourself in endless hiking trails throughout Wine Coast Country. More Details
For easy-breezy family fun, nothing beats a hike. Lace up your walking shoes, grab a hat and a water bottle, and head out any of coastal San Luis Obispo County’s hundreds of hiking trails. You’ll find options for all sorts of ability levels and terrains, from easy to challenging. More Details
High Ridge Trail passes a series of steep canyons east of Lopez Lake along a fire ridge.  More Details
Find yourself on a hike in either of these two scenic valleys where sunshine, vineyard views, and cool coastal breezes make for perfect conditions. This area boasts a remarkable diversity of landscapes, with trails to suit just about anyone’s ability or interest.  The Edna and Arroyo Grande Valleys essentially run perpendicular to one another. Edna […] More Details
Take in all the piers and lighthouses of coastal San Luis Obispo County, or choose just one or two to explore. Either way, you’ll witness the impact of how this region’s coastal position shaped its history. More Details
Drive our special stretch of Highway 1 between Ragged Point and Nipomo, and you can’t help but be awed by its natural beauty and scenic riches. These 81 miles are what make a Highway 1 road trip one of the top bucket-list excursions in the world. But finding all the secret treasures of this famous […] More Details
Looking for an equestrian-friendly trail?  More Details