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Amethyst Healing Center

Darcy Cleome, owner of Amethyst Healing Center, is a spiritual leader, multi-dimensional healer, channel and writer. A natural empathic clairvoyant, her background includes transformational technologies, many forms of massage therapy, bodywork, aromatherapy and planetary healing.

Darcy's goal is to empower her students and clients, and to help them release belief patterns that no longer serve them. She gives them the tools for their spiritual tool belt and helps them access their own unique abilities. Darcy's work is loving, compassionate and life altering.

"I help my students and clients create a life where they can live as their most authentic selves in present time. Let me assist you in consciously manifesting the life you desire." -Darcy Cleome


704 Main Street
Cambria, CA 93428

(805) 927-1700



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