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Cayucos Pier

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The Cayucos pier was constructed in 1872 by Captain James Cass, the founder of Cayucos, and was then rebuilt and lengthened to 982 feet in 1876. The pier helped to establish Cayucos as a commercial port for ships sailing from Los Angeles and San Francisco to bring in passengers and goods such as butter, milk, lumber and other various goods. The pier boosted the Cayucos economy until the railroad and trucking put it out of business and it was no longer a working pier as of 1920. However, the pier continued to help the economy by bringing people from the San Joaquin Valley over for the Mediterranean climate and great fishing. Today, the pier remains a symbol of history in Cayucos and brings beauty and commercial life to the area.


190 Ocean Front Avenue
Cayucos, CA 93430




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