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Whale Trail

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California's Central Coast is home to a variety of marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles, fish, invertebrates and marine algae. Scan the horizon and watch for the heart-shaped blows of gray whales on their annual migration. A big splash could mean a humpback whale has just breached. Search for sea otters on their backs eating clams and dolphins surfing waves. Farther offshore, blue whales and orcas thrive in deeper waters.

Be a wildlife steward. Give animals the space they need to eat, rest and socialize. Keep your distance and please do not feed, touch or chase wildlife. Enjoy and help protect this diverse and fragile marine environment.

The Whale Trail sign is located on the Oceano Dunes-Guadalupe Nipomo Dunes and supported by VisitOceanoNipomo, CA State Parks OHV, and Highway 1 Discovery Route

The Whale Trail is a series of sites where the public may view orcas, other cetaceans and marine mammals from shore. Learn more in this video

Our mission is to inspire appreciation and stewardship of whales and our marine environment by establishing a network of viewing sites along the whales’ trails along the Salish Sea and the Pacific Coast.

Our goals are as follows:

  1. Increase awareness that our marine waters are home to orcas and other species
  2. Connect visitors to orcas, other marine wildlife and their habitat
  3. Inspire stewardship and build community
  4. Promote land-based whale watching

Listen to the interview about the Whale Trail here and read more in the Pasadena Independent article here.


Oceano Dunes State Park
Oceano, CA 93445




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