Beneath the Surface Dive & Beach Clean-UpApril 22 and 29, 2017

Beneath the Surface Dive & Beach Clean-Up

Dates: April 22 & April 29, 2017

Join the Central Coast Aquarium for our 6th annual dive clean-up where we take the plunge to collect rubbish and beautify the harbor we all know and love. Get ready for a crisp morning of collecting debris, finding critters, making friends, and exploring Avila beneath the surface!

SCUBA certified volunteers can come help collect trash underwater beneath the Harford Pier in Avila Beach. Divers check in at the pier at 7am and enter the water at 8am.

If you are NOT certified to dive, we also need people to join the surface crew to help pull collected debris out of the water. Expect to run into some cool ocean critters among the mess!

Dive clean-up is April 22nd and Beach clean-up is April 29th.

Free coffee and baked goods will be provided for all participants.