CCSPA Mind Walk Series


Central Coast State Parks Association (CCSPA) continues its new Mind Walk Series through March.   

Central Coast State Parks Association, in partnership with California State Parks, promotes public awareness and stewardship of our natural resources and cultural heritage, now and for future generations. As a cooperative association, they support interpretation, education, and volunteer efforts in local state parks. Be a stewardship traveler by experiencing the Mind Walk Series activities and contributing to CCSPA.  Click for Mind Walks Lecture Series Schedule Here

March 5 – SLO County’s Zero Carbon Economy Post-Diablo Canyon
Eric Veium
With the planned closure of Diablo Canyon in 2024/25, SLO County communities have an urgent need to reform our economic vision to maintain and grow our economic vitality. This forced reform, coupled with ambitious climate change goals and disruptive socio-technological trends, creates significant opportunities for SLO County and beyond.
Eric Veium is Energy and Sustainability Analyst at Cal Poly, helping the university achieve carbon neutrality and climate resilience. As a community leader and Director for SLO Clean Energy, he is helping to guide SLO County communities in the creation of a local clean energy economy.

March 12 – Montaña de Oro, When It Was Just a Twinkle in the State’s Eye!
Sherri McKillop
Join Sherry McKillop as she takes you back in time along the journey that turned Montaña de Oro into a state park. Sherry will read passages from the book she co-wrote with her father, Ranger Dick McKillop (deceased), and show slides from the early days of the park.
Sherry McKillop is a published writer and author who lived in SLO county for 27 years before moving to the Sierra Nevada. During her time in SLO County she served as a State Parks docent, volunteer, and CCSPA board member.

March 19 – A Changing Bay: The Story of Eelgrass, Earth, and the Dynamic Waters of the Morro Bay Estuary
Lexie Bell
The Estuary Program is working on a number of monitoring and restoration projects and partnerships to better understand and address the current dynamics of the bay and how water quality, sedimentation, and eelgrass populations are changing over time. Lexie Bell is the Executive Director of the Morro Bay National Estuary Program. She holds a BS in Marine Science and Biology from the University of Miami and a master’s degree from UC Santa Barbara Bren School of Environmental Science and Management.

March 26 – Montaña de Oro State Park – Trail Improvements for All
John Sayers
Learn about the current state of the popular Bluff Trail at Montaña de Oro State Park. Coastal erosion, ADA improvements, invasive species, wildlife, and views along the trail will be discussed. Focus will be on what is being done to improve the visitor experience on what has become one of the most used trails in the San Luis Obispo Coast District.
John Sayers is an environmental scientist with California State Parks, San Luis Obispo Division.