Celebrate Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Travel with a Free IMAX film!

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Celebrate Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Travel with a Free IMAX film!

It’s time to up your Stewardship Travel knowledge and awareness during the fifth annual Coastal Discovery & Stewardship Celebration from January 13-February 28, 2018. Throughout this six- week celebration, visitors have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture, marine life, coastal heritage, and natural attractions with the scientists, naturalists and locals who bring this program to life.

Simply stated, stewardship travel is your getaway to ‘Ah-Ha’ moments on vacation through activities and charitable donation opportunities that protect wildlife, habitat, and cultural heritage sites.


One of the most awe-inspiring events is the free IMAX film screenings at the Hearst Castle Theater.  This year’s film, Disneynature Oceans is a documentary telling the spectacular story about remarkable creatures under the sea. Stunning images await viewers as they journey into the depths of a wonderland filled with mystery, beauty and power. It’s an unprecedented look at deep-water creatures through their own eyes. Incredible state-of-the-art underwater filmmaking will take your breath away as you migrate with whales, swim alongside a great white shark and race with dolphins at play. Filled with adventure, comedy and drama, Oceans is a fascinating and thought-provoking experience you will not soon forget.


What: Stewardship film screenings at Hearst Castle Theater, the iWERKS large-format theater with a five-story screen
When: Saturdays, January 13th through February 24th, 2018, at 6pm
No Reservation Required. Admission is free, but limited to Theater capacity of 400. Donations will be accepted.

See the Disneynature Oceans trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPJsQ6lSdYo


The CA Highway 1 Discovery Route in Coastal San Luis Obispo County (SLO CAL), along with several local non-profits including California State Parks and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary invite you to enjoy a selection of 36 Coastal Discovery events and award-winning Stewardship Travel activities that will enhance your connection to the nature and culture of the California Central Coast and the people who live here.

For more information, visit: highway1discoveryroute.com/coastal-discovery-stewardship


Discovery & Stewardship Celebration events can be found here.