Birds and Botany Walk at SLO Botanical Garden


The Garden is excited to present a monthly bird walk series which explores the intersection of birds and botany. Many plant lovers and many bird watchers enjoy their passions without much regard to how these two realms interact. Yet the links between birds and flora are critical to each, from pollination to seed distribution to nesting and shelter. This walk, led by Mark Mushkat and Ken Levine, studies birdlife amongst the plants of the botanical garden. The focus will be on which avian species are drawn to certain plants, what’s gained or lost in the exchange, and how this understanding can shape your own landscaping efforts to the benefit of fauna and flora. Allowing for a two-hour exploration, on mostly flat terrain, we expect to see and hear a wide variety of avian species as they feed, hide, nest, and defend territory in the garden’s lush habitat.

Tickets are $10 for SLOBG members, $20 for the general public, free children and include admission to the Garden. Walks are open to all ages and children must be accompanied by an adult. Group size is limited to 12. Ticket sales will end at 4 pm the day before each walk. All guests must pre-register.

Event Dates

  • 2021: October 28
  • 2021: November 18

Event Location

3450 Dairy Creek Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Event Type

  • Live Events