Top 10 Stewardship Travel Activities

Top 10 Stewardship Travel Activities

Number 3: Help Save A Historic Pier In Cayucos

By Michele Roest 

Yes, I know, Cayucos is getting a lot of attention in our Top 10 Stewardship Travel opportunities. But this is such an awesome story, I just had to put it in!

This tiny beach town has been a commercial hub of San Luis Obispo County since 1872 when it was built by James Cass. The original pier and pilings were logged in nearby Cambria and transported 15 miles south. The pier made Cayucos a stopping point for steamer ships travelling between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Agricultural and dairy products, including butter, milk, cheese, and fresh produce were loaded, along with as many as 90 passengers at a time.

The pier remained a commercial platform until 1920. It became a new economic draw for local fishermen and as a “coastal retreat” for visitors from the expanding Central California Valley. It remains a favorite vacation spot today, hosting hundreds of visitors for public events including the annual Fourth of July celebration and New Year’s Day beach swim, as well as family celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and memorials. Thousands walk it every year to enjoy spectacular sunsets, whale watching, and surf watching.

In recent years, the pier has fallen into disrepair. In July of 2013, the outermost half of the pier was closed for safety reasons. Immediately the community joined together to save the Cayucos Pier and generate funds for its repair. The Cayucos Pier Project is partnering with SLO County and has pledged to raise a minimum of $100,000 to help secure the $2,000,000 in grants needed to complete the project. What a great example of stewardship – saving a cultural and historic icon of California history, and preserving it for generations of families for everyone’s enjoyment to come.

For the millions of people who have visited Cayucos over the years, supporting the Cayucos Pier project with a small donation will make a big payoff. That is the essence of stewardship travel! For more information visit