Must See Cayucos Pier

Historic Cayucos Pier

The town of Cayucos began to evolve during the Spanish Land Grant days and was originally part of the Morro Bay Cayucos Rancho. Captain James Cass built the original wharf, store and warehouse, which provided commerce throughout the coastal communities. Cass began construction of the pier in 1872. Originally 380 feet, boats still had to anchor out beyond the pier, using surfboats to load and unload cargo, because the shoreline was too shallow. In 1876, the pier was lengthened to 982 feet, allowing ships to dock right alongside. Although 40 feet of the pier removed when the state took control, the Cayucos pier remains a central landmark of the area.

In July 2013, the pier was closed due to concerns about its condition and safety. The pier had missing or deteriorating piles, and degraded beams and cross bracing. But thanks to a massive rebuilding effort costing about $3.5 million, coordinated by the county, the pier has been virtually reconstructed. The town of Cayucos celebrated the reopening of the historic pier on Halloween 2015, with a community party.

Today, a large variety of fish and shellfish can be caught from varying spots on the pier, with the coveted halibut being plentiful from the end of the 950-foot pier. Though the waves are unpredictable here, surfers love this surf-friendly town, finding some of the best surfboard craftsmen and surf shops in the country located here.

For those not interested in fishing or surfing, don’t worry! The pier is not just for those two activities. This is also a great place to stroll, watch the surfers, and scout for dolphins, otters, seals, and birds. And, from the pier, visitors get perhaps the best view of the annual (infamous) Polar Bear Dip on New Year’s Day.

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