Top 10 Stewardship Travel Activities

Top 10 Stewardship Travel Activities

Number 4:  Jump in a boat for Kayaking, Wildlife Watching, and Stewardship!

By Michele Roest

Cayucos was recently voted one of the West Coast’s unsung beach towns and very appreciative of Stewardship Travelers who take advantage of opportunities to make a difference during their visit. Along with sunny south-facing sand filled beaches, Cayucos’s gentle sloping beach makes it a popular place for surfing and body boarding, and provides easy ocean access for kayaks. If you’ve never kayaked before, this is a good place to take a guided tour, and chock up a new adventure on your bucket list.

Steve Hennigh is the owner and tour operator of Good Clean Fun right on the beach in Cayucos. He’s run the shop for 38 years, and has led kayak tours for the last 30 years. He’s an expert on the ocean tides, secret coves, and local wildlife of the area. As a steward of the ocean and member of the international Surfrider Foundation, Steve believes in making a difference on his kayak trips.

“We head north of Cayucos to explore the wildlife in lush kelp forests, then head for remote beaches only accessible by boat, paddler or kayak. The area is practically untouched – except for occasional finds of marine debris and litter that can harm wildlife.  We collect what we find floating in the water or washed up in the beach, identifying it along the way. Some of the things we have found included boat parts, tires, beach glass, and debris from ranching or fishing operations. We never know what we’ll find, and there have been some pretty surprising things. The whole trip ends up being a sort of scavenger hunt turned adventure kayak trip, and it’s always a lot of fun.”

Good Clean Fun is a member of the Visitor’s Alliance of Cayucos, which was formed by businesses that support stewardship travel. Good Clean Fun has selected the Pacific Wildlife Foundation as it’s stewardship travel partner should you want to make a small donation before, during, or after your visit.  Thank you for helping to make a difference!

For more information about kayak wildlife and cleanup tours and stewardship donation opportunities visit

Michele Roest is a biologist, naturalist, and science educator. She has a lifelong interest and love for the natural beauty and cultural history of San Luis Obispo County.