Tales of Big Sur’s Ghosts

Tales of Big Sur’s Ghosts


Come along and listen to some tales of the ghosts and spirits that haunt Big Sur Country with Rory Cosma at Ragged Point Inn and Resort.

Legend has it that at the bottom of this incredible view from the Ragged Point Inn there is wreckage of numerous cars rotting away–and some locals claim the occupants of the wrecked vehicles still hang around as ghosts. Tune in to the Tales of Big Sur’s Ghost’s podcast and hear from Rory Cosma at Ragged Point Inn & Resort in Big Sur Country tell tales of ghosts and things spooky in the realm of Big Sur Country.  The journey of driving along Highway 1 through Big Sur Country is one of the most spiritual routes in America, but unless you’re a Big Sur local, you probably didn’t know that it’s also one of the most spirit filled realms on the West Coast.



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