TripSavvy: 10 Tips to Go Road Tripping With Your Dog

From TripSavvy Travel Tips:

Getting behind the wheel and setting out for a road trip is a classic American experience, made even better with your hound by your side. You’ll find that you’ll have to make more frequent stops than you would if you were traveling solo but, in the end, these stops are good for you too. You’ll stretch your legs, nourish and hydrate your body, and notice all of the green grass and nature along the way just like your furry friend. There are other things to consider when traveling with a pet like safety and comfort. 

Keep reading to learn tips and tricks for road-tripping with your dog.

Remember, Safety First

If you know from previous experiences that your dog is squirrely in the car, then you should take precautions to ensure their safety and yours. Many companies, like Kurgo, make crash-tested dog harnesses, that can be used for clipping in a leash for walks and to your dog to the seat like a seatbelt. The last thing you need when flying down the highway is for your dog to crawl into your lap and nudge the steering wheel.

Make Your Dog Easily Identifiable

Make sure that your dog’s identification tags are up-to-date with a current phone number. In addition to getting tags affixed to the collar, you may also want to get a Fetch Smart Pet Tag, which can attach to the harness or collar and notify you with a GPS location on your smartphone when someone finds your dog. Also, microchipping your dog through your vet is a great idea in case, for whatever reason, your dog loses his collar or harness. It may seem unnecessary but taking all possible safety precautions that you can when away from home is always a good idea.

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The Best Drives for Dogs

To fully invest in the great American road trip, consider driving on Historic Route 66, which connects Chicago to Los Angeles. For views, drive along California’s Pacific Coast Highway and the Highway 1 Discovery Route. Learn your history along the Oregon Trail, or the National Historic Trail, and travel the route of the pioneers and pilgrims. Drive parallel to the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia.

Pet-friendly hotels may be found through PetsWelcome, an excellent aggregator that lists hotels in cities and towns across the U.S. Find out how many pets are allowed per room; what the extra fees are for bringing a pet; what, if any, amenities are available; and what the points of interests are nearby.

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And be sure to check out Highway 1 Discovery’s Route’s Coastal Discovery Trail highlighting pet friendly beaches and hikes!

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