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Trek out into deep pine forests, across coastal bluffs and over a stretch of beach famous for its moonstones and hidden treasures. When it comes to Cambria hiking trails, there’s no limit to the wonders you’ll find when traveling on your own two feet. Better yet, many Cambria hikes offer accessibility options, too, so everyone can get in on the adventure.


EXPLORE Cambria Hiking

Cambria Hike – Fiscalini Ranch

Once home to Northern Chumash tribes, Mexican land grant recipients and European agriculturalists, the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve offers untouched open space for trekking. With views of the ocean and forested paths, this natural reserve is webbed with 17 hiking trails of various lengths and difficulty. Try the ADA-accessible Bluff Trail or Marine Terrace Trail, family-friendly paths measuring just over 1 mile. Or try the Forest Loop or Santa Rosa Creek Trail for a walk through the 70 acres of coastal pine forest. The beauty of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is that you never have to pick between forest or seaside ― it’s easy to try both in short order here.

Fiscalini ranch hike
The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Hike

Cambria Hike – Moonstone Beach

This easy, seaside boardwalk trail provides many opportunities for detours. At the north end of Moonstone Drive, head off the path for a peek at tide pools teeming with sea creatures. Or at the southernmost end of Moonstone Beach, find the mouth of Santa Rosa Creek, a great spot for wading and family waterplay. Or descend to Moonstone Beach to hunt for seaglass and smooth stones. Of course, you can always stop to sit on a bench and watch for dolphins, seabirds, or migrating whales. No matter how you take in this 2-mile out-and-back, ADA-accessible hike, you’re sure to enjoy the coastal views.

Moonstone Beach boardwalk
Strolling along the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk
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Stewardship Travel for Good

Want to see even more on your hike in Cambria? Stewardship Travel for Good activities help visitors to engage with our length of Highway 1 in ways that leave a legacy.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Nature Walks and Work Days

Design your itinerary to include one of Fiscalini Ranch’s monthly docent-led nature walk that brings the preserve’s complex ecosystem to life. Or bring your work gloves to help out on an organized work day for the preserve. Either way, your interest will help sustain this treasure for generations to come.

The Whale Trail

At the southern end of Cambria’s Moonstone Beach trail, the path ends at Shamel Park, where whale watching is popular. Look for an interpretive sign from The Whale Trail, an organization that identifies the best outlooks for marine mammals and other wildlife along the West Coast. Keep your eyes open wide for gray whales, sea lions, sea otters and Pacific white-sided dolphins…and enjoy the show.

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Cambria Hiking
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