Cambria Stewardship Travel

Cambria Stewardship Travel

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As an avid traveler myself, the idea of stewardship travel is something I can absolutely get behind. Stewardship essentially means caring for or managing something well. In travel this is incredibly important. Whether you are the person traveling to a new place and thus making sure you leave it in the same shape you found it, or you are someone who lives in that destination and welcomes others into your area while stewarding the city you live in; stewardship travel helps to maintain the beauty found in this world of ours.

Moonstone drive

The best thing about Stewardship Travel in the city of Cambria is that they help to facilitate it themselves with tons of activities that you the visitor can participate in. Interested in learning more about the local wine culture, taking a historic walking tour, or exploring the Fiscalini Ranch with a guide, all of that is available for you. Heck if you want to get your hands dirty and plant a few trees or clean up a beach you can do that through their organized times as well. You can find all of the activities they have available here but what is important about this is that they have them and that the city and its residents care about preserving / showcasing what they have for others to see.

Cambria Sunset

You can read more about Cambria and their Stewardship Travel events by visiting their site directly here.

Food and Drinks Robins Cambria 3

Not to be outdone by history and stewardship, the food in Cambria is a destination in and of itself. When I visit I have several go-to spots, including grabbing a slice of olallieberry pie from Linn’s Restaurant and having a nice meal at the Black Cat Bistro. Most of the places in town work on the farm to fork method, where they source locally grown seasonal ingredients. Similarly, the wine is grown at a few vineyards in the area and the beer is sourced from a local brewery.

cambria stops 2

All of this lends itself to the many different festivals they have throughout the year to experience the unique food and wine culture. These festivals include Toast by the Coast and Taste of the Town. You can read about all of my favorite food spots in the city by checking out this post.

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